Holiday Party for Faculty & Staff Small Hero

Holiday Door Decorating Contest

Show off your creative talents by entering the Door Decorating Contest!  This annual contest draws entrants from across all three campuses.  The first place winners will be announced at each party and the winners will receive the golden doorknob award.


  • Door should be holiday-themed.
  • Individuals and departments can submit entries and are reminded to obtain the support of supervisors and abide by building policies.
  • Door, cubicle or bulletin board can be located anywhere in the office.
  • If decorating a door, it does not have to be front door. It can be a single door or double doors.
  • Individuals and departments can enter more than one door, cubicle or bulletin board.
  • Entrance and exit doors must remain accessible while decorated.
  • Decorations are temporary. Doors, cubicles or bulletin boards must be returned to normal condition no later than January 3rd.
  • Use drafting tape for decorations applied directly to doors.
  • Remember to turn off or unplug any electrically powered decorations when departing each day.

Submit entries by Friday, December 9, 2016.


Upload 1 to 3 photos